The Alexander Technique

Books and Articles about AT

FM Alexander wrote four books between 1910 and 1946:

  • Man's Supreme Inheritance
    Mouritz Press ISBN 0-9525574-0-1
  • Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual
    Mouritz Press ISBN 0-9543522-6-2
  • The Use of the Self
    The Guernsey Press Ltd ISBN 0-75284-391-5
  • The Universal Constant in Living
    Mouritz Press ISBN 0-9525574-4-4

FM's books are not an easy-read! You may prefer to read more modern works:

  • Articles and Lectures
    by Jean Fischer, Mouritz Press ISBN 0-9525574-6-0
  • Authorised Summaries of FM Alexander's Four Books
    by Ron Brown, STAT Books 1992 ISBN 0-9519304-0-0
  • The Alexander Principle
    by Wilfred Barlow, Victor Gollancz London ISBN 0-09-910160-2
  • Thinking Aloud
    by Walter Carrington, Mornum Time Press ISBN 0-9644352-0-9
  • The Act of Living
    by Walter Carrington, Mornum Time Press ISBN 0-9644352-3-3
  • The Alexander Technique As I See It
    by Patrick Macdonald, The Alpha Press ISBN 0-9515072-0-6
  • Freedom to Change
    by Frank Pierce Jones, Mouritz Press ISBN 0-9525574-7-9
  • The Lost Sixth Sense
    by David Garlick, Centatime NSW Pty Ltd, Australia ISBN 0-7344000-1-9
  • FM The Life of Frederick Matthias Alexander
    by Michael Bloch, Little Brown ISBN 0-316-72864-0