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Botox and Emotions
The discovery that freezing your face muscles with Botox causes your emotions to be frozen at the same time should come as no surprise to pupils of the Alexander Technique.


Integrating the Alexander Technique into your life
The way in which I handled the unexpected loss of my vision in my left eye following surgery was an example of the application of inhibition and direction in a more general sense than purely psycho-physical.


Being in the Now
What makes AT different from meditation techniques and other correographed physical activities? This post describes how inhibition enables you to get closer to the real Now - which is half a second before your awareness registers it!


The Power of Attention
The placebo effect is well known in medical drug trials though not so well understood. In AT, we understand that use affects functioning and that our physical and mental selves are part of of the same psychophysical unity. Where we place our attention therefore creates an effect similar to placebo.


You Really Should Read This
A tribute to the 10th anniversary of the New York 9/11 attrocity. This is a real, harrowing personal account of someone - an AT pupil and friend - who was actually there in Tower 1.


AT in the Modern World
A look at a couple of worrying developments in the online world of AT. You can now have an "Alexander Technique" workshop to teach you to walk in six-inch stilettos and if that's not enough, why not book your next lesson.. on Skype!


Coping with pain
A personal insight into coping with pain. After having suffered two admissions to hospital in one month, I speak with some experence! I discuss how your attitude to pain affects how strong the pain is. Psychophysical unity is the key to mitigating its effects combined with the judicious application of a bit of inhibition.


Choose Your Restaurant Table Carefully
A potentially bad experience at a restaurant can be avoided of you make sure you are sitting comfortably. Choosing a table that does not allow you to put your feet flat on the floor would therfore be a mistake. The post concludes with the AT guide to getting in and out of a dining chair at the table.


Love, Relationships and the Alexander Technique
AT affects your whole psychophysical self. This, in turn, affects the way you appear to others and their reaction to you. As you perceive changes in the way people relate to you, you in turn relate more positively to them. The post concludes with an AT teachers guide to kissing!


Heading in the Right Direction
Just like inhibition, directions eventually become subconscious, but that doesn't mean we no longer have to apply constructive conscious control.


More about Inhibition
A response to an article on The effect of inhibition on the emotions is discussed. Is inhibition merely "a state you find yourself in" as they claimed?


Can we define "Inhibition"?
In trying to understand how to apply inhibition, we have to face up to the fact that we aren't really aware what's happening in what we think of as "now".


Which way is "Up"?
An exploration of the meaning of "upness" and how to experience it


What are the "AT Basics"?
Should a new pupil be taught the basics of AT in the first 10 weeks and if so, just what are the basics?


It's time to protect our market
Should we be setting up new AT teacher training schools to supply an already saturated market - with a recession looming?


The ATEAM Study
The results of a government-funded study of the comparative effectiveness of AT in treating chronic lower back pain.


Demystifying AT
AT can have profound positive psychological benefits for those who practise it, but does it also have a spiritual dimension?


The Right Way of Pulling
The way that an AT teachers hands create change is very subtle. Could it be that we are communicating with a pupil via the proprioceptive sense?


Changing the habits of a lifetime
A re-evaluation of the force of habit using a new 4-part model of brain processing mechanisms. Four bullet points are used to define the Alexander Technique.


Let's Get Straight to the Point About End-Gaining
It's OK to be an end-gainer, despite what some teachers might have you believe. It's the means whereby you gain your end that is important.


Psychophysical Unity
Psychophysical unity is very real. In fact, teaching AT would not be possible without it.


It's a matter of opinion
There is no one-world explanation of AT.