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The ATEAM Study

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Professor Paul Little and his team at Bristol and Southampton Universities have conducted a controlled trial to test the effectiveness of AT compared to excercise and massage when treating chronic and recurring lower back pain.

The results of this study were published in the British Medical Journal in August 2008

Referred-to as "The ATEAM Study", the trial was funded by the Medical Research Council and the NHS Research and Development fund. It was widely reported in the press and also featured on BBC TV and Radio 4.

In summary, one-to-one lessons in AT from a fully qualified teacher were shown to have long term benefits for people suffering from chronic back pain. The study followed-up a group of sufferers one year after receiving either 6 or 24 AT lessons or being prescribed massage or monitored exercise by a doctor.

It is simple to understand why this would be so. AT changes the way patients use their bodies and, by applying this new use on an ongoing basis, they effectively continue to treat themselves.

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